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12 Dec
Posted by: on Dec. 12th, 2011

To celebrate the holiday season and welcome in 2012, we have drastically cut our prices on every product offered here at Feel free to browse the site and check out our steep discounts – up to 40% on certain items, including discounts on every quantity of product.

03 Oct
Posted by: on Oct. 03rd, 2011

Our Dexter business card contest attracted quite a bit of attention as well as several outstanding entries. You can see the winners below (along with the rest of the entries). Congratulations to the top three finishers – check your inbox as we have emailed you for details on claiming your winnings.

25 Sep
Posted by: on Sep. 25th, 2011

The commercial printing process is much more complicated than printing business cards from home, but it also produces a far superior product. Commercial business card printers usually use a sheet-fed offset printer. This infographic explains in laymen's terms how offset printers work.

28 Aug
Posted by: on Aug. 28th, 2011

Our Business Card Design Guide has been a huge hit with graphic designers, so we decided to condense the guide into an infographic for easy processing. This infographic will lead you through the business card design process, and will explain the principles behind a well-designed business card.

06 Aug
Posted by: on Aug. 06th, 2011

When hiring a professional graphic designer to create you a business card design, one of the most important terms to negotiate is the price. Unfortunately, most business owners have no clue as to what they need to pay for a high quality business card design.

26 Jul
Posted by: on Jul. 26th, 2011

To celebrate the upcoming 6th season of Dexter, we have decided to host a little design competition with some big prizes. Check out the wanted poster below to learn about the contest, and how you can win up to $500 (plus 500 business cards) for designing a fictional business card for Dexter Morgan.

29 Jun
Posted by: on Jun. 29th, 2011

Most people's first stop when looking for information online is usually not the video sharing site This post is going to highlight a few interesting business card videos on YouTube that you may have overlooked in your search for business card advice, humor, and design.

27 Jun
Posted by: on Jun. 27th, 2011

The easiest way to find inspiration for a business card design is to look at other business cards. Our Periodic Table of Business Cards shows over 100 different business card designs, classified based on their design elements and characteristics.

22 Jun
Posted by: on Jun. 22nd, 2011

In an effort to provide ongoing interesting content, we are publishing a series of interviews with design and print experts over the next few weeks. The first interview is with Eduardo Mainero of Eduardo happens to be the designer who created this very website.

21 Jun
Posted by: on Jun. 21st, 2011

Here's a fun and hilarious way to get some business card design inspiration. Check out these ten famous business cards from real and fictional characters. Do you think these are their actual business cards? Or just fun projects that a graphic designer decided to put together?

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