Eleven More Back of the Business Card Ideas

Posted by: on Feb. 16th, 2011
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When designing a business card, it's important to consider the back of the card as well. Don't just leave this space blank, instead create a business card design that spans over both sides of the card.

In a previous post, I shared eleven ideas for back of the business card content and yet I still haven't run out of ideas. Below are eleven more suggestions for the back side of a business card. That's a grand total of 22 ways to double the impact of your business card design!

1. QR Code

QR, or quick reply codes, are those new square bar-codes that users can scan with a smart phone application and jump right to a web page.  Use a QR code to link card recipients to a special offer landing page, blog sign up form or 'about me' content on your website.  Having a QR code on your business card is also a good conversation starter and a great way to show clients you are forward-thinking.

2. Coupon or Offer

Coupon Image

Add a coupon to the back of your business card.

A good way to get people to hang on to a business card, is to include a coupon or offer on the back.

I know I have carried a card in my wallet for months because the back offered me a free upgrade when using a particular car rental agency.

Some other offer examples are, "Receive 10 percent discount with this card," or "Use the code 3X4Q9 to receive free shipping on online purchases."

3. Awards and Certifications

Use the back of a business card to feature industry awards, certifications, or special accreditation. If an award or certificate is from an acronym-heavy organization,  be sure to write out the full name of the organization so people can better understand the significance. If you've won an award multiple times, include the years as well.

4. A Head Shot

Have you ever looked through the business cards on your desk and wondered, "Who are all these people?" One way to make a sharper impression on a card-recipient, is to print a head shot on one side of your card.  This way, weeks after a meeting, someone can pick up your card and better recall who you are and what you may have discussed.

5. Mission Statement

A well-crafted mission statement can say a lot about a company. For example, this was taken from Google's corporate site, "Google’s mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." If you have a tag line, or a mission statement add it to the back of the card to further illustrate what your business does.

6. How Did We Meet?

This is a smart feature for the back of a card that allows the recipient to pencil in the date, time and nature of the first meeting. For marketers and sales people, this is a great add-on that lets potential customer's know you are always thinking of ways to make their lives easier.

7. Date of Important Event

Many businesses and organizations have one big annual event or deadline. For tax professionals, that's April 15th, for non profit organizations, it could be the date of a big fundraising event or gala. Keep customers and constituents aware of important dates by including them on your business card. If there's a website or contact information for the event or deadline, include that information on the back of the card too.

8. Inspirational Quote

An inspirational quote can be a great way to create affinity with potential clients. You are basically putting the quote out there, and saying "I endorse this kind of thinking." If there's a writer, poet or thought-leader that you admire, anyone from Seth Godin to Ben Franklin, include a quote from that person on the back of your card. Just as you would at a cocktail party, stay away from quotes about religion, sexuality and politics.

9. Tips Calculator

Clients may be more likely to hang on to your card if it includes a useful tip calculating chart on the back. I know we all have tip calculators on our phones now, but it's time-consuming, not to mention embarrassing, to whip out your phone at a restaurant and calculate the tip. For this reason, I still value the good old tip chart.

10. Riddle

Printing a riddle on the back of your card is a fun way to encourage people to connect with you. Try to manipulate the riddle's content so it has something to do with your industry. At the bottom of the card, offer a discount or incentive for solving the riddle, like entry into a sweepstakes for a prize. Provide an email address or URL  for people to send send their answers to you. The riddle gives you a reason to capture people's contact information and stay in touch.

11. Die-Cut

A die-cut in the middle of a business card automatically generates interest around both sides of the card. One of the first things people do with a die-cut card is flip it over to see how the missing piece works on both sides. I've seen business card designs with a circle die-cut, where on one side of the card the circle is incorporated into the typography and on the other side it's incorporated into the general design.

What kinds of content do you find works best on the back of a business card? Please share any thoughts or ideas in the comments below.

Featured Image: Card designed by Itomizer. Photo Credit: Cardobserver.com


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