Business Cards Face Off [Infographic]

Posted by: on Apr. 18th, 2011
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Ever wondered which business card printer is best? Well, we've already done the work for you by reviewing and ranking each major company.

To review each company, we uploaded a design and ordered business cards, then compared the final product from each printer. To be clear, none of the companies that we reviewed paid us, gave us free cards, gave us preferred service, etc – the service we reviewed was just the normal, typical service you could expect to receive as well.

Business Cards Face Off Infographic

For more information, and to read our full reviews of each company, visit our business card reviews page.

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17 Responses to “Business Cards Face Off [Infographic]”

  1. Thanks for this, great reviews for each one!

  2. Excellent!
    Thanks for this huge, classy and relevant review…
    Very helpful!

  3. I've had very mixed results with Overnight Prints. I used to use them exclusively for all of my customers, but following three batches of bad cards I started using PrintPlace and haven't looked back. I ordered three separate batches of the same cards from Overnight Prints and the variation in color was atrocious. On another occasion I'd ordered a batch of 1,000 cards and upon counting them discovered that there were only 960 in the box. Overnight Prints used to be fabulous, but I can't help but wonder if they got too big for themselves too quickly. The service has just been too inconsistent for me to trust anymore.

    • Michael Wittmeyer says:

      Thanks for the comment Michael, if I revisit this topic in the future I'll make sure to include PrintPalace.

    • kurt says:

      I'm going to agree with Michael. I've had about all I can handle from Overnight. They are just getting worse and worse. Like he said, the color variations between runs is crazy. I print the same business card 20+ times a year, and sitting side by side they look like they were printed at two different places sometimes. The crops are off. Sometimes I'll have other people's business cards in my box. Lately I've been having problems with fuzzy text…the quality will vary within the same 1000 cards. One will be crisp while you can't even read the next one without 3D glasses. And the shipping is slow and expensive. I'm definitely looking for a new business card printer.

  4. Prerak Patel says:

    This is an amazing article. Very helpful. I'd been looking for a US business card solution. Perfect timing.

  5. James D says:

    I would love to see a review of, they seem fairly new to the scene, and I really like their design center, which is clearly explained within an on site tutorial, but I would love to hear about the quality of their cards before I dive right in.

  6. Thomas says:

    I've used a few companies noted here —and am likely to try others. However, I also use business card magnets and like to keep it in the same family, if you will. I use and would recommend.

  7. Bill Legg says:

    Wow! I placed an order from Vista trying to save a few bucks. It ended up costing me more in the end. The cards were more spotty than if I printed them on my laser printer in the office. I actually called them and complained and they said I needed to purchase their "premium" cards. Yeah right! That's what I get for trying to save $10 lol. I usually order from They have the online design thingy but I usually do mine on my on with Publisher so I always uploaded my files. Their customer service is pretty good but the quality is actually extremely good. Hope this helps!

  8. Robert D. says:

    I have worked with a few different companies in the past. I have a large format print shop and do small print work as clients request it only. I've used Vista Prints (uugh, you get way less than you pay for), gotprint (too inconsistent), overnight (agree with declined quality) and a couple others that have good quality but high prices. My new favorite, after 6 months of consistent print and trim quality is I can get 1000 4/4 glossy cards for $24 plus shipping and they're perfect every time. If they had been in this review I imagine they would win on every account. I know they have an online designer thing, but I've never used it, I always upload my own files, so I don't know if that works well. My only hope is that they don't drop the ball… I would like to stay with one company for a while if possible = )

  9. Richard says:

    This is a nice, fun presentation of the printing options available. I like how you broke down the winning companies into different categories. I've had very positive experiences with Uprinting, Printplace and Psprint. You can check out my review at It mostly gives the benefits of these printers. (although, I really love the above infographic you created as well). I've heard a lot of negative comments about Vistaprint like Bill mentioned. It seems that they have sacrificed quality and service in order to achieve greater profit.


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