Eleven Ideas for Back of the Business Card Content

Posted by: on Feb. 14th, 2011
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During business card design, the back of the card is frequently overlooked. People might think it's a common practice to leave the back of the card blank. Or maybe they want to avoid the headache of coming up with a cohesive front and back design?

The next time you are designing or printing new business cards, think about how you might use the valuable real-estate on the back of the card. What is it about yourself or your business that you wish you could squeeze onto a business card? If you can't think of anything off the top of your head, here are eleven suggestions for printing content on the back of a business card.

1. Map of Business Location

Include a simple map showing a major intersection or highway and where your business is in relationship to that road. Use a star, circle or target to indicate your location and point out any nearby landmarks too. Add the street address and zip code in on the back too, in case the card holder wants to type it into a GPS system.

2. Unique Selling Points or Unique Value Proposition

Let's say the business card is for a house cleaning service. A unique value proposition says what a business does, who the customer is and why the business is unique. For a cleaning service this may be "Top to bottom house cleaning with green products for working parents." Or a cleaning service might list its unique selling points on the back of the card by including several bullets such as:  "non-toxic environmentally friendly products," "15 years of experience," and "pet-friendly staff."

3. Customer Testimonials

Fit one long or two short customer testimonials on the back of your card. If you don't have a testimonial, get in touch with a loyal customer and ask them if they would be willing to submit one. Testimonials work best when they are paired with specific information about the speaker, such as first and last name, business name and location.

4. Social Media Links

If you are active on social media and want your profiles to be client-facing, then include links to your profiles on the back of your business card. The easiest way to provide this information is to write out the URL where your profile sits, such as Twitter.com/handle. Avoid using the social media logos, as they might conflict with your own logo and branding.  If you don't already have a custom URL on Facebook, this is a great reason to set one up.

5. Notes Section

Notes Section Image

A "notes" section on the back of a business card.

If you have a minimalist card design to begin with, then a notes feature on the back is a great addition that won't over-complicate your simple aesthetic.

Having a notes section on the back of the card shows you are thinking about how to make the card useful to recipients.

It also encourages people to write down a few things like what you talked about when you met, or why they might call you.

6. A Full Bleed Photograph

If the back of the card was going to be blank anyway, why  not include a photograph? If you are a veterinarian or dog walker, this could be a great place to include a photograph of you with your client's pets or your own animal companion. Include a caption in white type across the bottom of the photo. For black and white based designs, a black and white photo will look really sharp and it will probably help save on printing costs too.

7. List of Favorite Charities or Causes

If you support local or national causes, this is a wonderful item to share with potential customers on the back of your card. Simply say, Brown Financial Consultants are proud to support: and list the names of the organizations. For local businesses, it will look really good to community members if you are supporting local causes.

8. Hours of Operation

Business hours are an underrated piece of information. Nine times out of ten, when I go to a business website, it's to check for their hours. If you've got an empty space on the back of the card, this is a useful bit of information to include.

9. Microsite or Landing Page URL

Many businesses will have microsites or landing pages where they host a special report, interactive quiz, webinar or offer. Include a landing page or microsite URL on the back of business cards to drive traffic to that site. Be careful that you use a site which will remain live and relevant for the lifespan of the business cards. Or take care to redirect traffic from the old URL to any new, updated landing page content.

10. A Short Biography

You can fit a serious two sentence biography onto the back of a business card saying where you were educated and what kind of experience you have. Another idea is to write a more personal, and even pithy biography that creates a clearer picture of who the card owner is.

11. Appointment Date

The back of the card appointment date and time format is a classic feature in the medical industry. If you are a personal trainer however and you hand a card out, this back of the card feature can act as a call-to-action. When you are exchanging the card, try to get the recipient to commit to an appointment with you by showing them the back of the card and asking for a convenient date and time to meet!

Stay tuned for eleven more content suggestions for the back of a business card, coming later this week. UPDATE – view 11 more suggestions for back of the business card content.

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