How Much to Pay for a Custom Business Card Design – A Designer's Perspective

Posted by: on Aug. 06th, 2011
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When hiring a professional graphic designer to create you a business card design, one of the most important terms to negotiate is the price. Unfortunately, most business owners have no clue as to what they need to pay for a high quality business card design. Professional graphic designer (and friend) Eduardo Mainero was kind enough to write a featured article on this topic so you can see things from a designer's perspective:

Business card designs can vary in price-range quite dramatically, and it’s all a matter of choosing how complex the design will be. There are obviously flat rates for your standard fill in the blanks template, and those are effective if you are on a low budget. However, I’m a true believer in the idea that your business card will not only speak for your brand, but will BE a part of your brand. Assuming the client already has a logo that will be used on the cards, the prices break down into three ranges:

Average One-Sided Design

Let’s start with your average one sided design with a white background, logo on the side, and text on the right. This is a normal layout with lots of cleanliness and ease to read. As a designer, the arrangement of this kind of work is basically a quick and easy task, especially when you are provided the logo and the desired typography. You would be looking at a $25-$50 range depending on the designer. I would recommend this kind of design for low budget situations or for a very corporate neutral feel.

Two-Sided Creative Design

Secondly, we can talk about a two-sided, more creative design. In this range we can have a little bit of fun with the design as we can work with the two sides of the card and be creative with the colors and the design. In this range the color number is not limited as you can print with a full photographic color range as opposed to just using the pantone scale.

Your price will obviously vary depending on the complexity of the design and the designer. If you want your business to create an impression this is the way to do it. The flexibility is in the colors and layout, and an experienced designer will be able to take your brand and make the business card speak for itself. You would be looking at about $50-$150.

Custom, Advanced Design

And on the final bracket we have the completely outside the box thinking for business cards. This group is where you see the interactive cards or the fun folding or die cut cards. This type of design requires a bit of an extra development process as you step outside the standard rectangular piece of paper and let your creative juices flow.

Materials are no limit as you can print in translucent plastic or even metal or wood. This price-range can go from $150 up to $400+. If you go for custom photography or custom illustration or even an electronic card your prices may shift up a little. Usually this kind of design is preferred by businesses that either have a descent spending budget or are in an industry related to a more outgoing market.

To conclude, the secret here is to analyze accurately what kind of message you want to portray and translate that into a design that makes the brand and  message clear while creating a memory forever. Happy Designing!

Thanks Eduardo! Now we now know that custom, professional business card designs can range from $25 up to $400+, all dependent on the level of creativity that goes into the design. Feel free to check Eduardo's work out at

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