Business Card Design Advice, Tips, and Strategies

In this portion of our Business Card Design Guide, we provide you with strategies for designing a top-notch business card. These articles are not overly technical, written to help you decide what information to include on your business card, how to arrange the information, how to use colors, and more. These tips will help you lay out your business card, and then you can use our Design Tutorials to create the file.

Design Advice, Tips, and Guidelines

Below are several articles that cover business card design tips and guidelines:
Business Card Design Guide

The Basic Principles of Business Card Design

If you are new to business card design, you can start here. This guide is an all-in-one resource for learning the basic principles of business card design: alignment, contrast, proximity, and repetition.

Business Card Layout

What Information to Include on Your Business Card

Most business card rookies are not quite sure what they should put on their business card. If that is you, read this article to find twenty pieces of information that are appropriate for a business card.

Avoid these Style Ideas

Style Ideas to Avoid While Designing

Certain style elements like rounded corners can add a nice touch to a business card. While style elements may seem interesting, there are some style ideas that should be avoided.

Unique Business Card

How to Create a Unique Business Card

Most business professionals carry business cards, which makes it more difficult to design a business card that stands out. Use the tips in this article to create a business card that will wow potential clients.

Embarrassed Face

What NOT to Include on Your Business Card

As a follow up to our previous article about what you should include on your business card, we also provide this list of items that should NOT appear on your business card, no matter what.

Business Card Images

Using Images for Your Business Card Design

This article (from the Blog) explains the best way to include images in your business card design. You will learn the best five ways for incorporating images into your business card.

For more ideas, you may want to check out the design category of our blog. Once you decide on a design, consider using our business card printing service to have your business cards printed and shipped to your door.