Twenty Pieces of Information to Include on Your Business Card

Posted by: Michael Wittmeyer on Dec. 10th, 2010
Business Card Layout

Whether you are designing your first business card, creating business cards for a new company, or helping a friend order business cards, one question always seems to come up: “What information should I put on a business card?”

This article is going to answer that question by listing the items that absolutely must be included on your business card as well as the information that could potentially complement your business card. Let’s get started…

Information that MUST be Included on Your Business Card

There are not many absolutes when it comes to business cards, but your business card design must include the following items:

Your First and Last Name

Including a first and last name on your business card is a no-brainer, but you definitely must include this information so people know who you are. At certain events (like trade conferences), an attendee might collect two dozen business cards in a day, and if your business card does not have a name on it, your business partners will have difficulty identifying with you later. No exceptions here.

Your Phone Number

Your business card should include a business or mobile phone number, or both. You may or may not want business contacts to call your home, depending on your business. Some contacts may argue that almost everything can be done via email, but it is important to give your associates a convenient way to contact you, especially by phone. Include a phone number on your professional business cards. You may also want to include an extension for your work phone so your contacts do not have to go through an automated system or unnecessary phone transfers.

Your Email Address

Although most people prefer to conduct serious business over the phone or in person, email is an excellent way to fire off a quick note.

To appear professional, we recommend listing a company email address such as instead of a free personal email address such as

If you must use a free email address, make sure it is professional. A casual email address like may send the wrong impression to a potential business associate (and would definitely rub a Red Sox fan the wrong way).

Although it would be extremely simple, you could create a usable business card with only your first and last name, your phone number, and your email address. For more ideas on what to include on your business card, continue reading…

More Information that is Appropriate for a Business Card

To build on the absolute essentials for your business card design, consider adding some of the information below to your business card:

Company Name

If you own or work at a company, consider adding the company’s name to your business card. This gives your business card a more polished appearance and also gives credibility to your name.


Another piece of information you may want to include on your business card is the title/position you hold at your company. For example:

John Smith
Junior Sales Associate

A title/position associates your name with an industry and establishes you in your field. It also creates a more professional-looking business card.


If you own or work for a company that has a website, you may want to include the website URL on your business card. The appropriate format for this is either or just—you do not need to add http:// or the / at the end of the URL.

The appropriate format for this is either or just – don’t worry about adding in “http://” or the “/” at the end of the URL.

We recommend listing your website only if it is directly related to your trade. Often a website is the key to most of the information you want to share with potential clients, so you may want to include a website to promote your business.

Physical Address

If you have a business address, you may want to add it to your business card. We would not recommend adding your home address (unless you conduct business out of your home), as business cards can often float from person to person. You may not want your home address to land into the hands of a stranger. Use the format shown below, with the street name, city, and state spelled out:

123 Any Street, Suite 101
City, State 11111

The alignment you select (left, right, or centered) for your address will vary depending on the business card design you select.

Additional Phone Number

If you have a mobile phone in addition to your business phone or if you conduct business over your mobile phone, you may want to add this phone number to your business card. If you add a mobile or home phone number to your business card, keep in mind you may receive calls on these numbers any time of the day or night.

Fax Number

Several businesses receive and send orders via fax, so it may be useful to list your fax machine number on your business card.

Company Logo

With today’s technology, it is easy to add a company logo to your business card (you can do this for most of our printed products). Adding a logo can change a simple functional business card onto one that really stands out from other business cards.

Company Tagline

Another way to brand your company through your business card is to add a company tagline. The tagline can be placed next to the logo or even on the back of the business card.


Adding a picture of yourself to your business card is another way to differentiate your business card from the competition’s—this would be especially appropriate for a model, actor, or anyone in the entertainment industry.


In certain industries, it may be worthwhile to pay a graphic designer to create a cartoon caricature of yourself and include it on your business card. This is a way for people to remember your business card. is a website that offers caricature design as well as full business card production. Check out this website if you want to explore this option.

Job/Company Description

If you operate in an obscure business field or if you are a freelancer who provides non-mainstream services, you may want to create a brief description of your services to place on the back of your business card. When people ask what XYZ company does, you can tell them to turn the business card over and find out for themselves. Check out our full color business cards if you want to make two-sided business cards (at no additional cost).

Hours of Operation

Wheter you operate a physical storefront like a restaurant or clothing store, or if people are often dropping by your office, you may want to list your hours of operation on your business card so potential visitors know when to come and when not to come.

Mini Map of Your Location

If you operate a physical storefront, you may want to place a small map of the store location on your business card. This is especially helpful if your business is located in an urban area or if your storefront is hard to see from the street.

The easiest way to create a map is from the Google Maps website. Enter your business address, zoom to the appropriate level, and press the Print Screen key to capture the image. You can paste and resize the image and then include it on your business card design so customers will know exactly where to find you.

Social Networking Information

If you use social networking profiles for business, you may want to include your:

  • Twitter Profile URL
  • Facebook Page URL
  • LinkedIn Profile URL

This is especially important to anyone who operates in the Internet marketing space, as Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn are great ways to network online. You can place a small version of the Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn logos next to your usernames for each profile:

[LOGO] @BusinessCards

People who use these social networking profiles will instantly recognize the icons, and you will convey a knowledgeable status with current technology.

List of Products/Services

If your company offers a few core products/services, it might be helpful to list them on the front or back of your business card in a bulleted list so that your potential business partners know exactly what your company does.