Using Corel Photo-Paint for Business Card Design

Posted by: Matthew Geer on Jul. 1st, 2011
Corel Photo-Paint Logo

Corel Photo-Paint ( is a raster graphics editor capable of doing things like text effects, effect filters, gradients and objects (layers).

Like its competitor, Adobe Photoshop, designers use it to create numerous things including, but not limited to, website designs, posters, murals and business cards. Corel Photo-Paint can do just about anything other than create vector designs.

Using Corel Photo-Paint to Create Business Cards

Like I said, Corel Photo-Paint can be used to create business cards. But similar to Photoshop, it’s going to be limited in some areas. Since it can’t create scalable (vector) graphics, it’s not the best program for creating logos, mascots or custom text. However, if you already have a logo made, then it might not be a big deal, as long as it’s already scaled down to the size you need before you upload it.

Now, if you don’t need a vector or you have one already to go, then Corel Photo-Paint will be able to handle creating a business card for you. If you’re interested in learning how to do this on your own, then you’ll want to read on further. I’ve listed some tutorials below on how to complete different parts of a business card using Corel Photo-Paint.

Create a Business Card from Start to Finish Using Corel Photo-Paint

There are a number of tutorials online showing you how to create a business card from start to finish. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • How to Create a Business Card with Corel Photo-Paint. Yeah, ok, I am a little biased. But this is still a solid tutorial. In this tutorial we show you how to create a business card, starting with the very beginning of setting up the dimensions and guides, all the way to getting it ready for print. The theme is cool too – it’s suited for someone who deals with breeding or selling fish and/or fish supplies.
  • Creating a Floral Business Card Design with CorelDraw. This is a neat business card that uses a floral theme. What I like about this tutorial is that there are several skills to learn to complete it. You’ll learn how to create odd shapes, gradients, swirls and add accents.
  • Bicycle Themed Business Card. This is a video tutorial showing you how to create a bicycle themed business card. I like this tutorial because you learn how to edit stock images, create a custom background, add gradients and a logo.

Creating Background Designs for Your Business Card Using Corel Photo-Paint

The background design of your business card is a pretty big deal. It can either make the other elements on your card pop, or it can make the whole card look dull and boring. Below are a few tutorials that I think will put you on the path to achieving the former.

  • Amazing Grunge Textured Wallpaper. I’m a huge fan of anything that looks grunge, and this is certainly no exception. In this tutorial you’ll use an already created vector pack. You’ll use a few of these images against a rough red and yellow background to create a very retro feel. If I were to do this tutorial, I’d probably use different colors and not bother including the dragon or idol in the design.
  • Shield Design. This could serve both as a background or a logo. What I like about this tutorial is that it uses so many different tools. You’ll not only get a cool design that can be tweaked in hundreds of ways, but you’ll learn a lot, too.

Another option you may want to try is to find and follow along with a Photoshop tutorial. The terminology and tools will be different, but I think it’s doable. I suggest this because there are just more tutorials for Photoshop (especially tutorials with good looking outcomes) than there is for Corel.

Create Text Effects for Your Business Card Using Corel Photo-Paint

Another type of tutorial you might try is custom text effects. If you don’t have a logo, a custom text effect can certainly take your business card to the next level. I’ve listed a couple decent tutorials below.

  • Intertwined Text. This is a cool look that can be used as a logo of your business company’s initials or of your own. If the lettering was scaled down you can probably even use it to create a name in its entirety.
  • Patch Text. This tutorial didn’t have much of a name, so I decided to name it myself. I think it looks like the stitching used on the name and/or logo of a t-shirt or inside a patch (at least it does before they ruin the look on the last step). If I were to use this tutorial, I’d cut out the last step which is to emboss the text. I’d instead put the lettering on a slightly lighter background and give the lettering a look as if the sides were going into the background – much like it was stitched in. That’s just me though.

Like I mentioned above, I think you might have better luck looking at some Photoshop tutorials. Even if you weren’t to follow along, definitely use them for inspiration. There aren’t that many text effect tutorials that were done recently for Corel. Most of them are outdated or amateurish looking.

Benefits to Using Corel Photo-Paint to Create Your Business Cards

I can think of a couple benefits to using Corel Photo-Paint to create your business cards:

  • It’s compatible with other files. I think the fact that Corel Photo-Paint can accept other files such as those from Photoshop (.psd) is huge. This enables you to go to sites such as, or and pick up designs or vectors that you can use for your cards. Plug-ins and brushes are compatible too.
  • It's cost effective. The older version will cost you around $40-$50, which is cheaper than Adobe Photoshop Elements (lighter version of Photoshop CS3-5). You could spend more to get the newest version, but if you were going to drop a couple hundred bucks, I’d suggest splurging on a slightly older version of Photoshop (CS3 or 4).

Overall I think Corel Photo-Paint is a decent tool for creating your own business cards, as long as you already own it or are planning on buying one of the cheaper versions. The biggest downside to the program is the lack of resources online for anyone new or inexperienced with the program. However, if you’re familiar with graphic design tools, or you don’t mind dealing with the learning curve, you can definitely create a professional looking business card with Corel Photo-Paint.