How to Create a Business Card with Corel Draw

Posted by: Manuel Pimentel on Mar. 19th, 2011
Business Card Corel Draw Tutorial

CorelDraw is the vector graphic creator/editor application developed by the Canada based software company Corel Corporation. CorelDraw runs on Windows platforms. Corel also offers a similar Painter program that is compatible with Macintosh computers.

Using CorelDraw, we will recreate the business card below.

Finished Business Card

Steps for Designing a Business Card in Corel Draw

  • Step 1 - Create your own Layout.
  • Step 2 - Organize your Layout by creating layers.
  • Step 3 - Design background using CorelDraw tools.
  • Step 4 - Import images.
  • Step 5 - Design the Logo.
  • Step 6 - Add Text.
  • Step 7 - Save your Design.
  • Step 8 - Save a copy in PDF format for the Printer.
  • Step 9 - Upload to our design suite for printing/delivery.

Step 1 - Create the Layout

Create your own Layout. We will use the US standard size 3.5X2 in. Click – File on the Menu item – Click New

Step 1c

Open Layout – Page Setup. On the Options Panel: Paper: Business Card; Orientation: Landscape; Units: inches; Width: 3.5 Height: 2 Bleed: .125

Step 1d

Pull down Guides from the Rulers for your safety margins.

Step 1e

Step 2 - Organize Layout

On the Tools Menu – Click Object Manager – Add and rename Layers for each major element: Background, Image, Text.

Step 2

Step 3 - Create Background

On the Tool Bar – Double click the Rectangle Tool. This will automatically place a rectangle over your Document.

Step 3a

Apply Texture to your Background.

  • On the Tool Bar – Click Fill Tool – Texture Fill
  • Click Presets – Choose Styles – Choose Drapes
  • 1st Color: R-31, G-26, B-23
  • 2nd Color: R-0, G-33, B-77

Step 3b

The Textured Background:

Step 3c

Lock Layer on the Object Manager to keep it safe from accidental editing and movement.

Step 3d

Step 4 - Import Images

Activate Image Layer on the Object Manager Panel.

Step 4a

Import image. On the File Menu – Choose Import – Choose Image from the Import Panel – Click Import. You can download our example Mask graphic by right clicking and saving this link.

Step 4b

The Imported Image. Place the image outside your document for editing.

Step 4c

Step 5 - Design Logo

Choose your preferred Type for the Text.

Step 5a

Add Style to your Text.

  • On the Fill Tool – Select Fountain Fill
  • On the Preset selection - Choose Pink Neon
  • Type - Conical

Step 5b

Insert the Image into your logo.

Step 5c

Add remaining text to your Logo.

Step 5d

Create Reflection. Select the whole Image – Duplicate (click Ctrl+D on your keyboard) – Invert (drag handles to flip image).

Step 5e

On the Tools Menu – choose Transparency Tool. Adjust Transparency using the Handles.

Step 5f

Position Finished Logo on your Document.

Step 5g

Step 6 - Add Type

Create remaining Type using the Text Tool.

Step 6a

Place finished text on your document.

Step 6b

Step 7 - Finish Design

Place additional image. You can download our example transparent Mask graphic by right clicking and saving this link. Save your document.

Step 7

Step 8 - Export for Printing

Publish a copy to PDF for the printer. On the File Menu – Select Publish to PDF – Click Settings.

Step 8a

On the Publish to PDF settings:

  • Bitmap Compression – High Quality
  • Downsampling: Color: 360 Grayscale: 360 Monochrome: 600
  • Check Bleed Limits
  • Output – CMYK
  • Step 8b

    The PDF File ready for the printers.

    Step 8c

    Step 9 - Upload for Printing

    Upload your PDF file to our business card design suite to see an instant proof and to order your cards. We use a lithography press and four color printing to precisely replicate your design on the card. To upload and print your design, visit our custom business card printing suite.