How to Create a Business Card with Microsoft Publisher

Posted by: Manuel Pimentel on Mar. 24th, 2011
Business Card Publisher Tutorial

MS Publisher is the Microsoft application designed for desktop publishing. It is loaded with numerous Templates to jumpstart your simple publishing needs. If you know your way around MS Office applications, getting started in Publisher is a snap. You can do simple images, graphics and text editing with the built in tools.

MS Publisher is the application to use for simple publishing work, although you will have to import your graphics. Because MS Publisher was created for desktop printing, there are still some issues in saving your work for the professional printer. Interface and Navigation is just like with other MS Office application.

The jpeg image of a business card below was created with MS Publisher.

Finished Business Card

Steps for Designing a Business Card in Microsoft Publisher

  • Step 1 - Open Application. Select Options.
  • Step 2 - Download our Texture for Background (or make your own).
  • Step 3 - Import logo.
  • Step 4 - Place text.
  • Step 5 - Add image.
  • Step 6 - Save as PDF.
  • Step 7 - Upload to our design suite for printing/delivery.

Step 1 - Select Options

Open your MS Publisher application. On the Publication Type Panel – Double click the Business Card option.

Step 1a

Select a Template or create your own. Let’s create our own.

Step 1b

The Blank Business Card.

Step 1c

Step 2 - Add Background

Import a Background. On the Insert Menu – Picture – From File. Navigate to your Saved File – click Insert (you can download our red background image by right clicking and saving this link).

Step 2a

Position the Texture Background over your document. Save.

Step 2b

Step 3 - Add Logo

Import Logo. On the Insert Menu – Picture – From File – on the Insert Picture Panel – choose Picture – click Insert (you can download our example logo by right clicking and saving this link).

Step 3a

Position Logo using the Handles and left mouse button. Save.

Step 3b

Step 4 - Place Text

Create Text Box to contain your Type/Text. On the Insert Menu – click Text Box.

Step 4a

Position Text Box using the Handles.

Step 4b

Choose the Font & Size for your Text. Type text inside the Text Box.

Step 4c

Follow the same procedure for your remaining Type/Text. Save.

Step 4d

Step 5 - Add Remaining Images

Import remaining images. On the Insert Menu – Picture – From File. On the Insert Picture Panel – select Image – click Insert. To download our example Green Dragon image, right click and save this link.

Step 5a

Send image behind the text. On the Arrange Menu – Order – Send to Back

Step 5b

The image behind the Text. Save.

Step 5c

Step 6 - Save as PDF

Save in PDF. On the File Menu – Publish as PDF or XPS on the Publish as PDF Panel – Click Change.

Step 6a

On the Publish Options Panel.

  • Click – High Quality Printing.
  • Downsampling Color – 330 dpi
  • Check – Bitmap Text
  • Click – Print Options

Step 6b

Printing Options:

  • Paper Size – Custom
  • Width – 3.5 in
  • Height – 2 in
  • Orientation – Landscape
  • Printer’s Mark – Allow Bleed

Step 6c

Publish to PDF. Publish Options – OK; Printing Options – OK; click – Publish.

Step 6d

The Business Card in PDF form:

Step 7

Step 7 - Upload for Printing

Upload your PDF file to our business card design suite to see an instant proof and to order your cards. We use a lithography press and four color printing to precisely replicate your design on the card. To upload and print your design, visit our custom business card printing suite.