How to Add Graphics to a Business Card with Photoshop

Posted by: Manuel Pimentel on Dec. 19th, 2010
Graphics Tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial is going to teach you how to add graphics to your business card design to enhance the look of the card.

By following the steps in this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how graphics can improve the look of a business card design, and will also gain experience adding custom graphics to a Photoshop project.

Graphics in Photoshop

Graphics are any visual representation of objects or image on a surface. Graphics are visual components used to draw the attention of the viewers to a specific information. They are used to enhance type to help viewers appreciate an idea more clear or interesting.

Some of the major uses of graphics are in:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Advertising
  • Politics
  • Education
  • Mass Media

We will be using graphics to enhance a Business Card for a Shipping Company.

Steps for Adding Graphics to a Business Card in Photoshop:

  • Step 1 - Create new canvas for your image or download the template. Select Background Color.
  • Step 2 - Add style to your background. Save.
  • Step 3 - Place (import) your graphic for the Background.
  • Step 4 - Add style to the graphic. Save.
  • Step 5 - Place the other graphic, adjust image size. Save.
  • Step 6 - Add your Type. Add Layer Style, using Gradient Overlay. Save.
  • Step 7 - Add the rest of your Type. Add Style. Save.
  • Step 8 - Convert to CMYK Mode. Rasterize. Adjust Image size to 360 PPI/DPI. Flatten Layer. Save.
  • Step 9 - Save as TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) format for printing.
  • Step 10 - Upload to our design suite for printing/delivery.

Ok, time to get started...

Step 1 - Create New Canvas

Download Template (right click and Save As) or create your own canvas. Width is 3.75” X Height of 2.25”

Graphics Step 1a

Color your background with the Paint Bucket Tool. Use Hex # 180fd1.

Graphics Step 1b

Step 2 - Add Style to Background

Add Layer Style. Use Gradient Overlay. From the Fly out selection use Pastel Greens.

Graphics Step 2a

Save your work.

Graphics Step 2b

Step 3 - Place Graphic

Download (right click, Save As) and Place The World Map Graphics.

Graphics Step 3a

Adjust Graphic to cover all of the Background.

Graphics Step 3b

Step 4 - Style Graphic

Add Layer Style. Use Overlay from the Blend Mode Selection.

Graphics Step 4a

Save your work.

Graphics Step 4b

Step 5 - Place Other Graphic

Download (right click, Save As) and Place the Bulk Carrier image.

Graphics Step 5a

Adjust placement and size of the image. Save your work.

Graphics Step 5b

Step 6 - Add Type

Type your text. Select the color hex # a1a30d for the Company Name.

Graphics Step 6a

Select Layer Style for the Type. Use Gradient Overlay. Select Metal - Gold from the Gradient Selection fly out.

Graphics Step 6b

Add another Style. Select Drop Shadow, Outer Glow.

Graphics Step 6c

Step 7 - Add Remaining Type

Save your work.

Graphics Step 7a

Type your remaining text. Select Font.

Graphics Step 7b

Add style. Select Drop Shadow, Outer Glow, Bevel & Emboss.

Graphics Step 7c

Step 8 - Adjust Settings

Open Image Menu. Choose Mode. Select CMYK. Rasterize Image.

Graphics Step 8a

Open Image Menu. Select Image Size. Unclick Resample Image. Input 360 in the Resolution Box.

Graphics Step 8b

Flatten your image.

Graphics Step 8c

Step 9 - Save for Printing

Save a copy in TIFF format for our printer.

Graphics Step 9

Finished Business Card:

Graphics Final

Step 10 - Upload for Printing

Upload to our design suite for printing. To learn how to upload and print your design, visit our custom business card printing page.