• Prints with 4-color lithography press on 12pt card stock
  • Glossy UV-coating provides incredible shine and clarity
  • Delivers to your door in just seven business days
  • Starts at just $34.50 for 250 custom full color business cards
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Design Studio

*Please read and follow our Custom Business Card Design Specifications for optimum results.

Custom Business Card Design Specifications

Follow the guidelines below to ensure you receive a high quality replication of your business card design:

Design Size

The design size should be 3.75" x 2.25" total, with a 0.25" total bleed area and no type area on each side. Reference the example below to learn more. If you would like to ensure your sizing is correct, right click and save this image and then use it as a template for your design. (If you are uploading a custom post card design, make your image the same size as the printed post card's image, then add 0.125" bleed area to each edge, so a 6" x 4" post card design should be 6.25" x 4.25" total.)

Business Card Sample

  • The Bleed Area (0.125" on each side) – The bleed area is the extension of printed lines or colors beyond the line where the printed paper will be cut. Make sure your background image/color covers the entire bleed area so the cut edges of the paper will not be white.
  • The No Type Area (0.125" on each side) – The no type area is where the card will be cut. It is the buffer between the bleed area and the safe zone. You can extend graphics here but no type (text) should fall into this area.
  • The Safe Design Zone (3.25" x 1.75") – This is where all of the elements of a business card are placed.

Image Settings and File Type

For optimum results, use the settings listed below when designing your business card:

  • File Type. Save as a .TIFF file for printing. TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) files are larger than JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) files, but they retain the full quality of the image. They can be compressed or uncompressed, but the compression scheme is lossless, meaning that although the file gets smaller, no information is lost.
  • Image Resolution. Set the image resolution to 360 dpi (dots per inch).
  • Color Mode. Use CMYK color mode.

By using the settings above, you ensure that your printed business card design looks exactly like your digital business card design.

Uploading Your Design

Click here to Upload Your Custom Design Now! The link will open a new Internet browser window/tab so you can continue with this tutorial. Your screen should look similar to the following diagram from our design studio:

Upload Image #1

Click the Browse… button to search for your .TIFF design file. Click "Upload." Your screen should look similar to the following diagram from our design studio:

Upload Image #2

Click the thumbnail of your design once to enlarge it in the design studio window:

Upload Image #3

Click the "Save Changes" button and you will then see a proof of your business card. Virtually none of the "bleed area" is included in the design, but it is actually there so the edges of your card will be colored and not white, in case one of the cuts is slightly off.

Upload Image #4

If your uploaded business card is acceptable, click "Add to Cart" to select quantities and complete your order. Keep in mind your proof might appear slightly blurry on your screen since the quality varies between your computer monitor and the final printed product.

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