• 100% safe for use in laser printers/laser copy machines
  • Choose from 7 letterhead templates, add your own text/logo
  • Prints and ships in 10 business days or less
  • Starts at just $78.03 for 500 sheets of letterhead
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Laser Safe Letterheads

Custom designed letterheads are the perfect way to add a professional and formal touch to any sort of correspondence or memo. Plenty of online printers offer custom designed letterheads, but our letterhead distinguishes itself because it is 100% laser safe. This means you can run the letterhead through a laser printer or laser copier with no worries about smudging the letterhead text or logo.

Why Should You Order Laser Safe Letterhead?

The majority of printed letterheads end up being fed through another printer at some point. Why take a chance that your letterhead might jammed in the printer? Order our laser safe letterheads to be sure your professional copies feed smoothly and exit the printer looking clean and precise.

Laser safe thermography is manufactured with a combination of specially formulated thermographic powder and ultraviolet light. This combination cures the raise permanently so that the heat generated by photocopiers and laser printers is not able to re-melt the raised image as it would in regular thermography.

Note: Due to the different thermography powders being used, laser safe thermography has a slightly duller finish and darkens the color slightly than with regular thermography.

Use our laser safe custom letterheads for:

  • Company Letterhead. If you run your own business, you can increase your perceived status greatly by printing important documents on your own letterhead. Potential business partners will take you more seriously if you have your own letterhead instead of sending letters on regular white paper.
  • Personal Letterhead. Consider ordering personal letterhead to use for your personal notes, invitations, greetings, letters, and more. Custom-designed personal letterhead offers a heightened level of sincerity and formality versus regular blank paper.

FAQ for Laser Safe Letterheads

Here are the answers to several frequently asked questions about our laser safe letterhead:

Can I add my company logo to the letterhead?

Yes! We allow you to upload an image (such as your company logo) to your custom designed letterhead. In the design suite, just click "Add Logo" and upload your logo image file.

When will I receive my letterhead order?

Please allow 7-10 business days for turnaround time (plus shipping time) on laser safe letterhead.