• Choose from silver aluminum or gold-colored brass metal
  • Prints black, blue, or red ink on 2" x 3.5" x 0.11" metal
  • Turnaround time is 14-17 business days for metal printing
  • Starts at just $356.50 for 500 metal business cards
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Metal Business Cards

Our metal business cards are an extremely high quality and distinguishable card that will put you in front of 99% of your competition. Every time you hand out a metal business card, the recipient will be highly impressed, as almost everyone else's business cards are printed on simple card stock. Order our metal business cards to ensure that your business card is not overlooked.

Our metal business cards are printed on either gold-colored brass or silver aluminum metal in the standard 2" x 3.5" business card size, with a .011" depth. We allow you to design with black, blue, or red ink, which will be printed on your business card utilizing 600 dpi settings for enhanced text crispness.

Below are pictures of actual metal business cards printed at BusinessCards.org (click to enlarge). As you can see, the text is crisp, the colors are vivid, and the metal material provides a superior look and feel.

Images of Our Metal Business Cards:

  • Metal Business Card Front
  • Metal Business Card Spread
  • Metal Business Card Hand
  • Metal Business Card Quarter Test

Why Should You Order Metal Business Cards?

Although metal business cards are our most expensive product, they are well worth the investment. Our metal business cards will last for years and are virtually indestructible. Whenever you hand out your metal cards, the recipients will automatically associate the unique texture, sturdy feel, and heavy weight with your company’s reliability and dependability.

Use our durable metal business cards for:

  • Entrepreneurs. If you own your own company, it can be hard to distinguish yourself from other companies—especially if you are working to establish yourself in your market. If you really want potential investors/clients to remember your company, make sure to hand them one of our metal business cards.
  • High-Powered Executives. Do you want to let the other business people in the room know who is in charge? Hand out one of your custom metal business cards and watch the jaws drop. Our metal business cards have a completely different feel and look from regular card stock business cards, so your audience will automatically assume you are a man/woman of power.
  • Anyone Who Wants the Best. If you have money set aside for your business cards and want to distinguish yourself from your competitors, we encourage you to try our metal business cards. The number of people with metal business cards is extremely limited, so by having a metal business card you will instantly set yourself apart from other business people.

FAQ for Metal Business Cards

Here are the answers to several frequently asked questions about our metal business cards:

Can I upload custom artwork for my metal business cards?

We cannot print custom logos or designs on metal business cards. This is a feature we hope to offer in the future.

What is the turnaround time for your metal business cards?

Metal business card printing takes a little longer than our regular business card printing, so please allow 14-17 business days for turnaround time.