• One-, two-, and full-color printing available
  • Prints on standard 2¨ x 3.5¨ white plastic pad
  • Available in .012” (thin) or .030” (thick) thickness
  • Allow 12-14 business days for plastic printing
  • Starts at just $174.80 for 500 thin, one-color plastic cards
Design Suite

Choose from One-, Two-, or Full-Color Plastic Business Cards:

One Color
One Color:One color plastic business cards allow you to print black, red, or blue text on a white plastic card.
Two Color
Two Color:Two color plastic business cards allow you to print two text colors (black, red, or blue) on a white plastic card.
Full Color
Full Color:Full color plastic business cards allow you to choose from our 15,000+ templates or upload a custom design.

Plastic Business Cards

Our plastic business cards are an extremely durable and high-quality card that will put you in front of 99% of your competition. Almost every business person has a business card, and one of the easiest ways to make your business card stand out is by using an alternative material. Plastic is perfect because it retains the lightweight and flexible properties of standard card stock business cards, but provides a unique and professional look and feel.

Below are pictures of actual plastic business cards printed at BusinessCards.org (click to enlarge). As you can see, the text is crisp, the colors are vivid, and the plastic pads provide a superior look and feel.

Images of Our Plastic Business Cards:

  • Plastic Business Card Front
  • Plastic Business Card Spread
  • Plastic Business Card Bend
  • Plastic Business Card Straight

Why Should You Order Plastic Business Cards?

Although plastic business cards are one of our more expensive products, they are well worth the investment. Our plastic business cards will last for years and are virtually indestructible. Whenever you hand out your plastic business cards, the recipients will automatically associate the unique texture and sturdy feel with your company’s reliability and dependability.

Our plastic printing is not confined to business cards. Here are some other examples where plastic cards fulfill common needs:

  • ID Card. Plastic cards make a perfect ID card for your company’s employees, conference attendees, customers of your service, and more.
  • Warranty Cards. Plastic cards offer an excellent medium for displaying and verifying your customer’s warranty information.
  • Access Cards. Do you own a business that includes a VIP section? Use our plastic cards to create exclusive “access cards” that you can provide to your most important customers.
  • Library ID Cards. Plastic cards are perfect for library ID cards.
  • Much more. Other potential uses include bar codes, security access control, reminder cards, customer support carts, Internet access numbers, discount cards, and more.

FAQ for Plastic Business Cards

Here are the answers to several frequently asked questions about our plastic business cards:

Can I upload custom artwork for my plastic business cards?

Yes. We currently allow you to upload a logo, picture, or custom design (make sure to choose Full Color Plastic Business Cards) for printing.

What is the turnaround time for your plastic business cards?

Plastic business card printing takes a little longer than our regular business card printing, so please allow 12-14 business days for turnaround time.

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