• Choose from black, blue, or red ink for self inking stamps
  • Available in four sizes, from small to extra large
  • Enter your custom text into one of three stamp templates
  • Starts at just $12.34 for a small self-inking stamp
Design Your Self Inking Stamps Now!
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Self Inking Stamps

Our self inking stamps feature an ergonomic shape for comfortable use as well as heavy-duty construction to last thousands of impressions (without re-inking). We offer four stamp sizes: XL (1.5" x 3"), L (1" x 2.5"), M (0.75" x 2.375"), and S (0.625" x 1.625"), all of which allow you to design your own stamp and pick from black, blue, or red ink. All of our self inking stamps feature rounded corners, large impression areas, and a full size label on top (so you see the stamp imprint without wasting ink).

Why Should You Order Self Inking Stamps?

Self inking stamps are excellent time savers for business use. Stamps help to automate several common business processes so you save time instead of manually writing down the same details over and over.

Use our high-quality self inking stamps for:

  • Confidential Documents. Do you need to designate an important report or document as “Confidential”? Order a self-inking stamp that says “Confidential,” and then stamp your documents or folders so prying eyes will know not to view them.
  • Approval/Rejection Notice. Instead of writing “Approved” or “Rejected” on every application, order a self inking stamp that says “Accepted” or “Rejected.” Then, you can simply stamp the approval/rejection onto each application.
  • Other Stamp Imprints Include:
  • Ship Via Overnight
  • Fragile
  • A Return Address
  • Your Company Name/Slogan

FAQ for Self Inking Stamps

Here are the answers to several frequently asked questions about our self inking stamps:

Can I upload custom artwork for my self-inking stamp order?

We are not able to print custom artwork on self inking stamps. This is a feature we hope to offer in the near future.

When will I receive my self-inking stamp order?

Please allow 7-10 business days for turnaround time (plus shipping time) on self inking stamps.