• Peel-off back sticks to almost any surface (paper, glass, etc)
  • Prints individually (not on rolls) - hand out as business cards
  • Full color designs printed on 2”x3.5” crack/peel sticker stock
  • Select and customize with 15,000 business card templates
  • Upload custom card design for sticker business card printing
  • Starts at just $184 for 500 full color sticker cards
Choose from 15,000+ Templates!

*If you are uploading a custom design, please read our Custom Business Card Design Specifications.

Sticker Business Cards

Our sticker business cards are the perfect solution for anyone who needs sticky business cards they can easily customize. Browse our library of 15,000+ business card templates or upload your own custom design, and we will replicate it exactly on individually cut sticker cards. Many printers sell sticker cards in rolls, which do not look as professional when you hand them out individually.

Why Should You Order Sticker Business Cards?

Sticker business cards can creatively solve common business problems in a cost-effective manner. In addition to offering the benefits of a full color standard business card, sticker cards provide further value with their adhesive backing.

Other common uses for these sticky-back labels include:

  • Bumper Stickers. Are you opening a new business? Are you in an up and coming band? Consider ordering our sticker business cards to use as bumper stickers, so your new customers/fans can help spread the word in a cost-effective manner.
  • Name Badges. Are you running a conference or business meeting? Consider creating name badges for your attendees using our sticker business cards. This would be an inexpensive and effective way to increase attendee interaction and promote networking.

FAQ for Sticker Business Cards

Here are the answers to several frequently asked questions about our sticker business cards:

Can I upload custom artwork for my sticker business cards?

Yes. We currently allow you to upload a logo, picture, or custom design for your sticker business cards.

When will I get my sticker business cards?

Sticker business card printing takes a little longer than our regular business card printing, so please allow 10-12 days for turnaround time.

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