Business Cards Review

Posted by: Michael Wittmeyer on Feb. 27th, 2011 Logo

If you Google "business cards", is one of the top ranked websites. Because of that, I decided to upload and order a custom-designed set of business cards from to review the service.

The below review reveals my entire experience with the company, and is totally unbiased because I am in no way affiliated with, nor was I given any preferential treatment during my order.

This review will have four sections: the order process, the pricing, the delivery time, and the card quality. Also, at the bottom of the page there is a comment section where you can leave a review or read other's comments.

The Order Process

On February 16th, 2011 I visited to order my custom business card, shown below:

My Card Front
The front of my card design.

My Card Back
The back of my card design.

The website is simple and to the point. When I landed on the homepage I noticed the first unique selling point of the website - GreatFXBusinessCards uses soy-base inks and and offers recycled paper printing, both of which are environmentally friendly options. Also, the company offers several additional products, including stickers, tent business cards, post cards, brochures, and more.

GreatFXBusinessCards offers three methods for designing and ordering your business cards:

  • Quick Designer Tool
  • Advanced Designer Tool
  • Custom Upload Tool

The first two tools offer several templates and varying levels of customization freedom so customers can create a sharp business card design from scratch. The custom upload tool is for customers like me who want to upload and order a previously designed card.

I was able to flawlessly upload and order my custom two-sided business card design without any hang-ups. To view the process of uploading and ordering a custom designed business card, watch the screencast below:

Video Feature: The Upload/Order Process

One unique part of the GreatFXBusinessCards order process was that I had to manually approve a proof (via email) about a day after I ordered. This wasn't a big deal at all - I just had to click a link, make sure the front/back images looked correct, and approve the design for printing. This step is in place to remove responsibility from the printer in the case of a typo or mistake on the original design.

If you are uploading a custom design, make sure to follow the instructions below for optimal results. File Requirements

The actual files I uploaded were made to the exact specs on the website:

  • .TIFF File Type
  • CMYK Color Mode
  • 3.6" x 2.1" Dimensions
  • 350 DPI Resolution

These file settings are pretty standard apart from the 350 DPI resolution. Most printers uses 300 DPI resolution, but the higher the number the better the clarity, so I'm not complaining. Business Card Pricing

The business cards at start at $17.37 for 100 cards, but my order ended up being a little more expensive ($34 for 100 cards) because there were additional charges for uploading my own file and printing a full color design on the front and back of the card. Here is the price chart for varying quantities/configurations of full color cards: Business Card Pricing

If you want to order recycled paper cards, or upgrade to 16pt card stock, you will have to pay more.

Once I completed my design and chose my quantity, I had to choose from the following shipping options. These shipping prices were customized for my zip code (central Pennsylvania). Shipping Pricing

As I wasn't in any rush, I chose the standard ground shipping. This brought my order total to $42.64 for 100 full-color, front/back UV-coated business cards. Kind of expensive for 100 cards, but that is to be expected when you are ordering the minimum quantity.

Delivery Time

The standard ground shipping option got the cards to my door on the 25th, which was 9 days (7 business days) from the time of my order. Not bad for ground shipping. Below you can see pictures of the packaging: Box
The cards arrived in a sturdy cardboard box that protected them during shipping. Open Box
Inside of the box was some paper filler to keep the cards from shifting around during shipping.

The delivery time was fine, and the packaging was excellent, as all of the cards arrived in mint form.

The Card Quality's prices were a tad bit higher than most of the other online printers I reviewed, but their card quality definitely made up for any price difference. The 14pt card stock felt very sturdy, the UV glossy coating provided a brilliant shine, and the colors on both the front and back of the card were replicated very well. You can see pictures of my GreatFX business cards below: Front of Card
Here is the front of my card. The colors were vivid, and the UV glossy coating provided a very nice shine and feel. Back of Card
The colors on the back of my card also turned out great. I had a hard time getting a good picture of the back, but the blues looked exactly like the blues on the front, even though this picture looks a tad bit lighter. Spread of Cards
Here is a spread of the fronts of three business cards.

The Verdict

In my opinion, is one of the top online printers that I reviewed. Their prices were a little higher than most other online printers (and I imagine that is because the site is a bit smaller than most of the other major online printers), but the cards turned out fantastic, and when we're talking about $42 versus $30, I would gladly pay the extra $12 to get top notch cards. My grade for the service is an A-.

What do you think? Does your experience with match up with mine? Please leave a comment below if you have any thoughts - positive or negative.