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Posted by: Michael Wittmeyer on Mar. 16th, 2011 Logo

If you Google "business cards", is one of the top ranked websites. Because of that, I decided to upload and order a custom-designed set of business cards from to review the service.

The below review reveals my entire experience with the company, and is totally unbiased because I am in no way affiliated with, nor was I given any preferential treatment during my order.

This review will have four sections: the order process, the pricing, the delivery time, and the card quality. Also, at the bottom of the page there is a comment section where you can leave a review or read other's comments.

The Order Process

On February 16th, 2011 I visited to order my custom business card, shown below:

My Card Front
The front of my card design.

My Card Back
The back of my card design.

Moo is widely known across the Internet for offering "MiniCards", which are roughly half the size of a normal business card (2.76" x 1.1"), and for their "PrintFinity" feature, which allows you to upload up to 100 different images for one side of your business card. I wasn't able to take advantage of either of these unique products though, because the scope of this review was to compare's standard business cards to the standard business cards of other online print shops.

To order normal business cards, all I had to do was click "Business Cards" then "Make Business Cards" on the homepage. From there I chose to upload my own files, and this was the only confusing part of the process. The "Printfinity" option is for "Side A" of your cards, but I wasn't sure if that was the front or the back of the card. For me it didn't matter since I was only using one design for each side of the card, but it would be nice if they explained things a little better.

Besides that, I was able to easily upload and order my custom two-sided business card design without any hang-ups. To view the process of uploading and ordering a custom designed business card, watch the screencast below:

Video Feature: The Upload/Order Process

One unique part of the Moo order process was that once I had completed my order, I received an email from "Little Moo", which is a robot that keeps you informed about your order. Little Moo offers a tracking service, so I was able to log in and track my order 24/7. Here is a screenshot of the order tracking page:

Moo Order Tracking

Only a few online print shops offer complete tracking like this, so it was a very welcome feature that kept me up to date on my order without having to call or email anyone. File Requirements

The actual files I uploaded were made to the exact specs on the website:

  • .PNG File Type
  • CMYK Color Mode
  • 1039 x 697 Pixels Dimensions
  • 300 DPI Resolution

These file settings are pretty standard apart from the pixel dimensions. If you need to use inches, the size to use is 3.463" x 2.323". Note that Moo's "standard size" business cards are actually different from the USA standard of 3.5" x 2". Later in the review I will compare the Moo card size to normal card size. Business Card Pricing

Moo's business card pricing varies a little bit from the industry norm. Whereas most business card printers offer huge per card discounts when you increase your quantity, Moo only offers slight discounts. For example, 50 classic cards cost $21.99, while 100 classic cards cost $43.98 (no per card discount at all). Here is the price chart for varying quantities/configurations of full color cards (larger quantities also available): Business Card Pricing

The "Green" cards cost more as they are printed on 100% recycled paper to be environmentally friendly.

Once I completed my design and chose my quantity, I had to choose from the following shipping options. These shipping prices were customized for my state (Pennsylvania). Shipping Pricing

As you can see, there are several printing/shipping options. If you need your cards ASAP, you can choose to have the cards rush printed and shipped express, but even that will still take a couple days to arrive. As I wasn't in any rush, I chose standard shipping. This brought my order total to $27.49 for 50 full-color, front/back cards.

Delivery Time

The standard shipping got the cards to my office in 12 days (8 business days) on February 28th. About what I expected for standard shipping. Below you can see pictures of the box and packaging: Package
The cards shipped in a small package that was undamaged when it arrived. Box
Inside of the package was a sturdy box that protected the cards. Open Box
The cards fit perfectly inside the box, so there was no stress on the individual cards during shipping. None of the cards were bent or scraped.

Overall, the delivery time was about average, and the packaging was above average. I was very impressed with the unique shipping box that held the cards tight and secure within the package.

The Card Quality

Moo's business card quality was very good - the cards were thick, sturdy, and even without the UV-coating, they had excellent clarity and color. The only two issues I had with the business cards was that my design didn't turn out quite right, and that the cards weren't standard-sized. There was supposed to be a bit of space on the left of my web/phone/email text, but the text on the Moo cards ran right against the edge of the card.

I noticed the text was pretty snug when I was uploading my design, but since I used Moo's exact design specifications I figured the card would still turn out right. Also, the cards were taller and narrower than standard business cards. I knew this was the case before I ordered, but if you need standard-sized business cards you will have to look elsewhere. View all of the pictures below: Front of Card
Here is the front of my card. The colors were good and the card had an excellent feel, but the text at the bottom left was up against the edge of the card. I used Moo's upload specifications, so I'm not sure how that happened. Back of Card
The colors on the back of my card also turned out great. Spread of Cards
Overall, the card quality was very good. If the design had printed right, the cards would have been perfect.

The Verdict

I would certainly order again from, and would gladly recommend them to a friend. The only issue I had (the text up against the edge of the card) was partly my fault, as I could have contacted Moo and ensured that the card design was going to come out right, so I won't dock any points for that. The cards showed up on time, and the final product was very solid at a fairly reasonable price ($21.99/50 cards plus shipping). My grade for's business card service is an B+.

What do you think? Does your experience with match up with mine? Please leave a comment below if you have any thoughts - positive or negative.