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Posted by: Michael Wittmeyer on Feb. 28th, 2011 Logo

If you Google "business cards", is one of the top ranked websites. Because of that, I decided to upload and order a custom-designed set of business cards from to review the service.

The below review reveals my entire experience with the company, and is totally unbiased because I am in no way affiliated with, nor was I given any preferential treatment during my order.

This review will have four sections: the order process, the pricing, the delivery time, and the card quality. Also, at the bottom of the page there is a comment section where you can leave a review or read other's comments.

The Order Process

On February 17th, 2011 I visited to order my custom business card, shown below:

My Card Front
The front of my card design.

My Card Back
The back of my card design.

Upon searching the site, I realized that VistaPrint offers three levels of business card printing: free, personal, and premium business cards.

  • Free business cards from VistaPrint are 100% free of charge, but they are rather flimsy and have a large VistaPrint logo on the back of the card. I would only recommend these cards if you absolutely cannot afford anything better.
  • Personal business cards from VistaPrint are very cheap (starting at just $4.49 for 25 Matte cards), but again, they are printed on 80lb paper which is pretty flimsy. There is no VistaPrint logo on the personal business cards.
  • Premium business cards from VistaPrint have a larger minimum order (starting at $9 for 250 Matte cards), but for the life of me I could not figure out what the difference is between personal and premium business cards. Both are printed on 80lb paper with options to upgrade, and both offer full color printing. If any of you know the difference please comment at the bottom of this page.

Although I wasn't able to decipher the difference between personal and premium business cards, I still opted for the upgrade to premium just in case I was missing any benefit. I didn't upgrade to 100lb paper, which I have a feeling I will regret as 80lb paper sounds pretty flimsy to me. Besides the confusion regarding personal vs. premium cards, the upload/order process went pretty smooth. To view the process of ordering a custom business card, watch this screencast:

Video Feature: The Upload/Order Process

My upload went very smoothly, probably because I ensured that my file was created to VistaPrint's specs. File Requirements

The actual files I uploaded were made to the exact specs on the website:

  • .PSD File Type
  • CMYK Color Mode
  • 3.54" x 2.05" Dimensions
  • 300 DPI Resolution

By using the file recommendations on the VistaPrint website, I was able to upload both my front and back design without any assistance from customer support. Business Card Pricing

As I mentioned before, VistaPrint offers three different levels of business cards. I opted for the premium business cards, which start at $9 for 250 Matte cards. However, VistaPrint really nickle and dimes you, as it was an additional $6.49 to upload a full color back side, and an additional $6.49 for a glossy finish. By the time I was done, my card order was $32.95 for 250 premium cards.

Once I completed my design and chose my quantity, I had to choose from the following shipping options. These shipping prices were customized for my zip code (central Pennsylvania). Shipping Pricing

I wasn't in any hurry, so I chose the standard shipping option for $5, bringing my order total to $37.95 for 250 front/back business cards, shipped to my door. A far cry from the $9 base price that VistaPrint initially offered.

Delivery Time

The standard ground shipping option got the cards to my door on the 25th, which was 8 days (6 business days) from the time of my order. Not bad for ground shipping. Below you can see pictures of the packaging: Box
The cards arrived in a cardboard box that protected them during shipping. Inside Box
Inside of the cardboard box was another, smaller box that contained the cards. Open Box
The cards were held together by a piece of plastic inside of the smaller box.

The delivery time was fine, and the packaging was adequate. A few of the cards were a little agitated on the edges, but overall, most were fine.

The Card Quality

I had heard some less than impressive things in the past about VistaPrint's business cards, but I was hoping that by upgrading to the premium cards and uploading a fancy design I might be able to do better than most. However, the cards turned out average. The front of the card was adequate, as the UV coating provided a nice finish and the colors were pretty good.

However, the back of the card didn't have a UV coating, and thus it looked a little shabby. The paper was fairly flimsy, which is disappointing as I paid extra for the premium cards. Also, some of the cards were a little dinged up around the edges. You can see pictures of my VistaPrint business cards below: Front of Card
Here is the front of my card. The colors were pretty good, and the UV coating provided a nice finish and feel. Back of Card
The back of my card didn't turn out so great. The colors were fairly dull, and the corners of this particular card were a bit beat up. You can see a massive difference when you compare this to the original design file. Spread of Cards
Here is a spread of the fronts of three business cards.

The Verdict

In my opinion, VistaPrint is at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to online business card printing. Their service really isn't that cheap once they finish nickle-and-diming you, and the cards didn't turn out that great. I would only recommend VistaPrint if someone was on a stringent budget and was going to take advantage of their free business card offer. Overall, my grade for VistaPrint is a C-.

What do you think? Does your experience with match up with mine? Please leave a comment below if you have any thoughts - positive or negative.