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Posted by: Michael Wittmeyer on Feb. 28th, 2011 Logo

If you Google "business cards", is one of the top ranked websites. Because of that, I decided to upload and order a custom-designed set of business cards from to review the service.

The below review reveals my entire experience with the company, and is totally unbiased because I am in no way affiliated with, nor was I given any preferential treatment during my order.

This review will have four sections: the order process, the pricing, the delivery time, and the card quality. Also, at the bottom of the page there is a comment section where you can leave a review or read other's comments.

The Order Process

On February 17th, 2011 I visited to order my custom business card, shown below:

My Card Front
The front of my card design.

My Card Back
The back of my card design.

Although I was only looking to buy business cards, it was interesting to see all of the other products Zazzle offered, including t-shirts, wedding invitations, cards, and more. I found out later that you can upload a single logo file and use it on several of their different printed products, which would be really useful for a big company that was ordering several branded items.

When I started looking at business cards, I noticed that Zazzle offers three sizes of business cards: standard, chubby (2.5" x 3.5"), and skinny (1" x 3"). I decided to order standard 3.5" x 2" business cards so I could properly compare them against the cards I was ordering from other print shops.

Zazzle allows you to either create a business card design using their templates, or to upload your own custom design for printing. I uploaded my custom design (pictured above) for front/back full color printing. To view the process of ordering a custom business card, watch this screencast:

Video Feature: The Upload/Order Process

My upload went very smoothly, probably because I ensured that my file was created to Zazzle's specs. File Requirements

The actual files I uploaded were made to the exact specs on the website:

  • .PNG File Type
  • CMYK Color Mode
  • 3.5" x 2" Dimensions
  • 300 DPI Resolution

By using the file recommendations on the Zazzle website, I was able to upload both my front and back design without any assistance from customer support. Business Card Pricing

Zazzle has a bit of a unique pricing structure for their full color business cards. The standard price is $16.95 for a pack of 100 cards printed on white paper, and you get discounts per pack when you order multiple packs. Here is a chart showing the per pack discount for various quantities: Business Card Pricing

Besides standard white card stock, Zazzle also offers Cream, Eggshell, Linen, Pearl, Platinum, Gold, and Indestructable (made of synthetic materials, tear- and water-proof) card stock. White and cream are both free, but the other card stocks come with an increased price tag.

Once I completed my design and chose my quantity/card stock (100 cards/white), I had to choose from the following shipping options. These shipping prices were customized for my zip code (central Pennsylvania). Shipping Pricing

I wasn't in any hurry, so I chose the standard shipping option for $7.95, bringing my order total to $26.26 for 100 front/back business cards, shipped to my door. Not a bad price/card for such a small quantity.

Delivery Time

The standard shipping option got the cards to my door on the 25th, which was 9 days (7 business days) from the time of my order. Not bad for standard ground shipping. Below you can see pictures of the box and packaging: Box
The cards arrived in a thick envelope. Open Box
Inside of the envelope was a plastic card holder, which provided further protection during shipping.

The delivery time was good enough, and the packaging was excellent, as all of the cards arrived in mint form.

The Card Quality

Although I was pretty impressed with the packaging of the cards, the actual card quality left a bit to be desired. I had five main issues with the Zazzle business cards:

  1. The colors were a bit light. When I compared the color quality of the Zazzle cards to other company's cards, I noticed that Zazzle's blues were a little light and the overall print quality was a tad worse.
  2. The actual card design didn't come out right. The design I uploaded had some space between my web/phone/email text and the edge of the card, but the Zazzle cards ending up having virtually no space between the text and the edge. This may have been a problem with the file I uploaded, but considering that I followed Zazzle's design requirements to a T, this shouldn't have happened.
  3. The cards weren't very sturdy. This wasn't a huge issue, as the card thickness was average, but after feeling the 16 pt cards from OvernightPrints it was hard to appreciate Zazzle's thickness.
  4. When I lined the Zazzle cards up against other printers' cards, I realized the Zazzle cards were actually a bit smaller vertically and horizontally. Not a huge amount, but it was noticable when I lined all the different printers' cards up.
  5. About 20% of the cards were cut improperly, and had a white stripe at the bottom of the front and back of the cards (pictures below).

You can see pictures of my Zazzle business cards below: Front of Card
Here is the front of my card. The colors were a tad light, and the card's text was pushed up against the edge of the card. Back of Card
The colors on the back of my card also turned out a tad bit light. Bad Front of Card
About 1/5th of the cards ended up like this - with a white stripe at the bottom and the design shifted up. Bad Back of Card
About 1/5th of the cards ended up like this - with a white stripe at the bottom and the design shifted up. Spread of Cards
Overall, the cards were poor. I would be hesitant to hand them out to a business associate, because when compared to other online printers' cards, the Zazzle cards fall short.

The Verdict

In my opinion, Zazzle's business card printing is below average. If I was actually planning to use these cards, I would return this order because of the five problems I listed above. I am going to give Zazzle a grade of D.

What do you think? Does your experience with match up with mine? Please leave a comment below if you have any thoughts - positive or negative.