Instructions for Printing at Home with Our Templates

If you would like to use our templates to create business cards that you can print at home, follow the instructions below. These are the basic instructions for Adobe Illustrator, but they will work for all of our templates and all of the different graphic applications.

Step #1 - Format the Template

The first thing we have to do is create a 2 X 3.5 copy of the design. We have to remove the Bleed and separate page 1 and page 2 (if you are using a two-sided design), then paste the single page in an 8.5 X 11 art board.

Open your prepared business card (if you need help preparing your business card, read our one-sided template and two-sided template tutorials). On the Layers Panel > Unlock all Layers. Using the Select Tool, Select the whole page 1 design.

On the Edit Menu > Copy.

Create a New Document. On the File Menu > New. On the flyout Menu type in: W > 2 in; H > 3.5 in.

Now Paste the Copy of Page 1 you made earlier.

Center and align the image by filing in the X > 1 in; Y > 1.75 in

We will now remove the Bleed by creating a clipping mask. Using the Rectangle Tool > draw a rectangle over the design excluding the bleed. Fill in the X > 1 in; Y > 1.75 in; W > 2 in; H > 3.5 in.

Using the Select Tool > Select all Layers.

On the Object Menu > Clipping Mask > Make.

The Image without the bleed. Ready for the next stage.

Step #2 - Create 10 Copies

Open a New Document. On the File Menu > New. Width > 11 in; Height > 8.5 in. No bleeds. Choose Landscape orientation.

Create Guide by Right Click then Dragging guides from the Rule.

Copy the Clipped Page 1. On the Edit Menu > Copy.

Paste Image on the 8.5 X 11 Document. Edit > Paste.

Move the Image on the Left Top corner of the Document aligned with the Guides.

Create a Duplicate of the image > then Align Image to the Lower Left Corner of the Document. Use the ALT key on your keyboard then Left Mouse Drag a copy of the Image.

The Duplicate aligned to the Lower Left Corner. We use the ALT key to constrain to movement of the image by using the smart guides.

Using the Select Tool select both Images.

Using the ALT key and Left Mouse Button Drag a duplicate of the 2 images.

The Duplicated images placed side by side.

Drag 3 more duplicates to create 10 copies of the original Business Card Image.

Step #3 - Print/Cut

Print a copy. On the File Menu > Print.

If you are using one of our one-sided templates, you can cut the business cards and be done. If you are using one of our two-sided templates, refeed the printed sheet through the printer and follow the same procedures to create and print the back side of the cards. Make sure you feed the paper in correctly so you don't print backwards or on the same side.