Instructions for Using Our 2-Sided Templates

We have created two-sided business card templates in six graphic applications. Just type in your own data and you are good to go. The applications are:

To begin using the templates follow the steps below. These are the basic instructions for Adobe Illustrator, but they will work for all of our two-sided templates and all of the different graphic applications.

Step #1 - Download the Template

Download the template that you will be using from our template page.

Step #2 - Open the Template

Open the template in your graphic application (I used Adobe Illustrator). On the File Menu > Open> Choose the template from your hard drive.

NOTE - if you don't have the required fonts on your computer, download the font ZIP file on our templates page and add the fonts to your computer.

Step #3 - Open Layers

Open the Layers Panel.

Step #4 - Edit Front

Edit the Text using the Type Tool on the Tools Panel.

Step #5 - Edit Back

Edit Text in page 2 using the same procedures.

Step #6 - Save PDF

Save a PDF copy for the printers. On the File Menu > choose Save As. Choose Adobe PDF on the selection fly out menu.

Choose High Quality Print on the preset selection.

Input 330 ppi for the color and grayscale bicubic downsampling.

Check document bleed settings.

Save as PDF.

Step #7 - The Finished PDF

Once you fill in your own data and complete your business card design, you can then print with your home printer, take the design to a local printer, or upload the design to an online print shop for professional printing.